The technological revolution in promoting Sikh arts

Gurinder Singh Mann, Sikh Museum Initiative (SMI)

Lecture delivered at British Association for the Study of Religions(BASR) 2016 Conference, University of Wolverhampton.5th-7th September 2016.

Religion as defined by textbooks can lead to misconceptions and possibly lead to a one sided view. With the advent of new technologies, we are now witnessing a paradigm shift in terms of how religion is viewed but more importantly how religion can be embraced by adherents. Sikhs have traditionally viewed their sacred relics and artefacts as being an embodiment of its faith. However with the use of 3d modelling and augmented reality, new technologies can provide a platform for ‘far removed’ communities to have a closer visualisation of these ideas. These communities may not traditionally visit museums or view history by considering material heritage. This paper discusses the how the Sikh Museum Initiative is using new technology to encourage Sikhs to participate in the arts.

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