When history meets Technology part 2
Mapping the online Sikh Museum
” An amazing eye opener. Thank You” ” Really interesting.Learnt alot”

1st December 2018
Nishkam Centre

On Saturday 1st December at the Nishkam Centre, Birmingham we led the second session on educating the public on new technologies.

Head of the SMI, Gurinder Singh Mann introduced the session and explained that Sikh heritage needed better preservation and 3d technologies was one way of doing this. As a result of witnessing how heritage had been destroyed across the world, the SMI showcased technological innovations at the Anglo Sikh Wars exhibition in 2018.

Taran3D delivered the session and covered a number of breakthroughs including 3d printing, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. Giving examples of how these methods are changing the world, Taran went through different projects like creating creating the Breastplate of Guru Gobind Singh, through to recreating the Kohinoor diamond. Different types of programs which can aid users in learning about technologies were discussed.
A demo was given of what the Anglo Sikh Virtual museum will look like through a virtual reality headset and the participants got to see where the SMI is taking this project.
This was followed by a Q and A where the participants gave feedback on the project and what kind of objects the SMI should model for their Virtual Museum. Further advanced sessions will follow in 2019.

The Anglo Sikh Virtual Website will be launched soon. The online Sikh Museum is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

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