The Sikh Welfare and Cultural Society 

At County Hall, Leicestershire County Hall, Leicester.

A brief talk on 25th November 2011 on the Sri Dasam Granth Q and A book at the Guru Nanak Annual Lecture, County Hall , Leicestershire.The main lecture was undertaken by Sir Mota Singh QC retired Judge on Guru Nanak and diversity.

My books were presented to the High Sheriff of Leicester: Resham Singh Sandhu MBE. The Chairman of County Council: Jackie Dickinson: and to Sir Mota Singh QC and other dignitaries.

I explained the reasons for writing the book and how the vision of Guru Nanak’s bani was also enshrined in the bani of Guru Gobind Singh. 

Pictures from the event

 Kirtan at the Event

Judge Mota Singh QC


GSMANN and Jackie Dickinson 
GSMANN and David Parsons

GSMANN and Mota Singh QC

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