On my recent trip to the Panjab (March 2013) i met up with several scholars at Panjabi University, Patiala. This included Dr Harpal Singh Pannu, Dr Jodh Singh, Dr Paramvir Singh, Dr Nazer Singh and Dr Harbhajan Singh. As there was also a Panjab History Conference taking place i was introduced to scholars from other Indian Universities. I presented a copy of my book Sri Dasam Granth Questions and Answers to the scholars as well receiving their contributions from their respective fields.

Dr Jodh Singh
Dr Jodh Singh is Professor of Sikhism and Editor-in Chief at the department: PROF. HARBANS SINGH ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF SIKHISM. The learned Doctor has undertaken many translations of Sikh works and Scriptures. This includes the translation of Guru Granth Sahib into Hindi (4 vols), Sri Dasam Granth Sahib (2 vols) and Bhai Gurdas Varan (2 vols) into English.  Dr Jodh Singh will be releasing his monumental work on Guru Nanak’s composition Sidh Gosht (The Relgio-yogic philosphy of Guru Nanak) shortly. He also stated his intention to complete a English translation of Guru Gobind Singh’s Charitropakhyan.

Dr Paramvir Singh 
Is also based at the department: PROF. HARBANS SINGH ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF SIKHISM. Dr Paramvir Singh has written several books on Sikh history including Sikh Gurus: Concepts and Culture. He presented me with new book Mahal Patshahi Dasvin : Mata Sundri Ji Sangharsh ate Shakhsiyat. The book is a biography of Mata Sundri and contains the hukumnamas sent by Mata ji. He was pleased to hear of my research on Bhai Shia(n) Singh an area which he had not covered in his book.

Dr Nazer Singh
Dr Nazer Singh is a Professor based at the Department of distance learning (History section). He has written several books including Guru Granth Sahib over to the West(2005), Golden Temple and the Punjab Historiography(2010), Modern Sikh Studies And Historiography (1846-1947),(2012). Dr Singh has made some important discoveries on how the Sikh scriptures were viewed by the British in the 19th Century. Dr Singh was pleased with my discovery on the first Panjabi and Sikh translations made by Dr John Leyden. He will be incorporating my work into the Universities future publications.

Dr Harbhajan Singh
Dr. Harbhajan Singh, Head & Project Director, Dr. Balbir Singh Sahitya Kendra, Dehradun. Dr Singh has written several books on Sikh history. His recent contributions include: Contoversy of Raagmala and An intellectual Discussion on Sikh principles(2012) Punjabi) and Shri Dasam Granth Sahib: karta Sambamdhi Vivad Di Punara-Samikhya, (2012) The second edition of this work has just recently been released and contains additional chapters. Email Dr Kashmir Singh for further information: kashmirkhalsa@gmail.com

The book Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Questions and Answers can be obtained from www.archimedespress.co.uk for Western readers and from JSKS:  for the Eastern market.

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  1. Great job I look forward to reading to book to get better knowledge on Dasam Granth which I feel as Sikhs we should all try to learn it

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