Restoration project of an old Guru Granth Manuscript.
Sikh Lobby Group Quarterly meeting

Guru Panth Parkash Gurdwara
19 Ashford Road  Leicester LE2 6AA


I undertook a brief talk regarding an old manuscript of Guru Granth Sahib which is in need of restoration.
I explained how and why we need to preserve our Heritage and why this manuscript needed restoring. I touched upon how manuscripts were brought over to the UK after the annexation of the Panjab.

The Project
Panjab Cultural Association and SAINTS are proud to announce our preservation project of Guru Granth Sahib. This valuable Sikh treasure was discovered by a leading academic who works with Panjab Cultural Associations, and then the expert teams at SAINTS took the great task of arranging to preserve this valuable treasure for posterity. Unfortunately, the Guru Granth Sahib currently requires extensive conservation work in order to restore it. We urgently need you to donate and volunteer your skills in order to restore the saroop and create and exhibition around it.

Other discoveries made from within this saroop will be disclosed in a forthcoming exhibition of this Guru Granth Sahib once it has been restored and digitalised. We urge you to donate generously towards the restoration costs of this Granth {27,000 GBP} and 7,2500 GBP in order to digitise the saroop.

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