Photo: Opening lines of the Ardas
Location: private collection.

“…Tenth Master. First remember the Divine Might, and then meditate on Guru Nanak. Then pray to Guru Angad, Amardas and Ram Das for support. Remember Arjan, Hargobind and Holy Har Rai. Meditate on Sri Harkrishan, seeing whom all suffering vanish. Remember Tegh Bahadur, who brings the nine treasures to our home. May they support us everywhere. May the Tenth..”

The opening lines of the Ardas and the Composition: Chandi di Var (Sri Dasam Granth Sahib). Guru Gobind Singh wrote many parts of Sri Dasam Granth in his own hand and quill. The Ardas once formulated was also inscribed onto material items like Copper plates.

For more information see my Lecture: The Granth of Guru Gobind Singh: A historical journey through rare manuscripts and relics of the Khalsa

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